Iran Sends Two Warships To Dock In Syrian Port Of Tartous.

why would Iran send two warships to dock in a port called Tartous in Syria?

Well, what we do know is this…….. Syria has been persecuting and bombarding its own people, for speaking against the ruthless President Al-Assad, for just about a year now and America, Britain and most of the world, or at least the countries that have any say in world politics, have condemned Syria with regards to its actions regarding the control and desire of its people. The UN has tried to come to some sort of resolution and has asked President Al-Assad to step aside but he refuses to do so….. Just like Colonel Gadaffi…. And we all know how that ended.

Russia and China continue to veto any military or trading sanctions being imposed upon Syria due to the connections between ” The Haters of The West” which is talked about in one of my other articles:

Iranian Oil Embargo –

So, back to the question above…. Why Would Iran Send Two Warships To Dock In A Port Called Tartous?

The answer is simple!

America has had, and always will have, the biggest opinion on World Politics and believes it should be able to say a command to a lesser state or country and that state or country should obey with no exceptions. Well, this is not the case in the Arab world. The Arabs are known to be very defiant when it comes to world politics as they believe they answer to no-one except their God, which is understandable, because if we are imperfect humans, how can we ourselves lead perfect lives or guide others to lead perfect lives. Although America has spoke out on numerous occasions regarding Syria’s treatment of it’s own people, who want nothing more than a modern and progressive development of Government, Syria are not taking the hint…. They are totally defiant regarding UN sanctions and know that they have a good chance in success if it came to all and out warfare, as they could count on their allies (Russia,China and Iran) to provide support should they request it. With Russia already sending warships to Syrian and Iranian waters and Iran sending warships to Syrian ports, this is clearly a statement of warning to the American and Israeli Forces who have been speaking of a possible military action against the two last remaining powers in the Middle East.

So, now we know why Iran has sent warships to the Syrian Port of Tartous but they also have another suspicion….. The Iranian and Syrian’s believe that America and it’s allies are trying to arm the Rebel Militia with the same amount of weapons and ammunition that defeated the late Colonel Gadaffi in Libya no more than months ago. Should America succeed in arming and supplying the Rebel Militia they may be able to bring Iran and Syria down from the inside out. The same way Saddam Hussein was ousted from power a few years back.

We know America has a history of espionage and so does Israel with rumours and stirs in the media world of Israeli spy’s infiltrating US Government agencies to gather information on future relations with countries not in allied terms with Israel. If America was trying to bring Iran and Syria down from the inside out then that would only be the first part of the puzzle. China and Russia would not stand back and watch America and Israel bully it’s way into another country for nothing more than a dispute over religion and oil resources.

In conclusion, Iran has sent two warships to Syrian waters to send a clear and precise message to American Forces….. That Iran and Syria will stand together and will not be intimidated by the UN and their sanctions. The only way for anyone to stop this is to eliminate the enemy and this would cause a world war….. Again!

So, Iran is standing strong beside its Muslim brother Syria and is sending a clear message to Israel and America…… Keep Clear Or Be Destroyed!



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