Syria – A Story With Two Sides

Sometimes it’s all too easy to believe everything we hear and see from the world media.

I have sometimes seen myself watching the news and sinking that deeply into the stories and headlines, I don’t take the time to think and consider the possibility of its truth. Then possibly after hearing the news again at some point in the day I would re-think the details and find massive holes in the story or signs of a possible cover up and sometimes even a massive string of coincidences which would be a very unlikely possibility.

With only being 21 years old, I am really starting to see the world for what it is. I see the corruption and scandal, the wars over land and resources, but never a war for peace, and most of all I see that there are far higher powers out there in the world than our Prime Minister’s, Presidents, First Lady’s, Kings, Queens, etc. What really opened my eyes was the high presence of corruption and deceit within a large media organisation like The News of The World when the Phone Hacking Scandal was revealed in its glory to the public.

These people print our news and feed millions of issues a year into the mainstream public. We read them when we’re on trains and buses, when we are eating our lunch at work, on a Saturday morning with breakfast on your days off work, and the list goes on. If they have produced stories gained by unethical practices, surely there must more to be found. Maybe that is why Rupert Murdoch decided to close down his operations at The News of The World.

I believe that the big headlines just now are discussing “The Syria Conflict”. This is a very interesting subject for me, as I am old enough to understand what the media’s aspect is and come to my own conclusion and version of the truth behind it all. At first I was blind to the real agenda and the real reason the people of Syria were rebelling against the Government Forces. I watched the news and saw that the people of Syria were protesting in the street and of course the situation escalated into full-scale riots on the streets. The media then broadcast headlines similar to “President Assad ordering Government Forces to fire upon civilians” and clearly stated that the Government Forces hadn’t been attacked or provoked before they attacked. My question is how do the BBC, CNN, Sky News and Fox News know that they were not attacked before retaliating? Our journalists are either not allowed access to these parts of the Middle East or are simply not stupid enough to go there. So who is feeding these World-Wide News organisations there information? Are they simply receiving information from both the rebels and Government Forces and being blatantly biased in favour of the rebels? Who knows….. There is an old saying:“The Answer To A Complicated Question Is Usually The Easiest”.

Perhaps what President Assad is saying is true. Maybe he is fighting terrorists? Perhaps the rebels are in fact Taliban fighter’s. Who knows…..But consider this….. Where have the rebels managed to acquire the heavy artillery and skills needed to operate such artillery from? Is this just another Libya? Are we expected to believe that normal civilians, like me and you, decided to, first, protest and, second, revolt against our Government and already have the skills needed to be able to mount anti-aircraft missiles to Toyota Pick Up Jeeps that just happen to look exactly like the White UN Jeeps? Or maybe we are not supposed to be smart enough to notice these vital details that the news so clearly over looks. Whatever the answer is, don’t believe everything you hear and see in the newspaper and TV.

Newspapers and TV have been used in the past to manipulate people into doing things and believing things which they would not normally tolerate. As mentioned above, there are a lot higher powers out there than our leaders of Government’s.

The next article will concentrate on who really “rules the roost” when it comes to world politics.

Here’s a clue to see if you can figure out who really rules the world……“Give me control of a Countries Money and you can keep their Laws”