Google Will Pay You $5 To Give Up Your Privacy

How much do you think your privacy is worth? Would say more than a fiver? I would!

Google is set to launch a new platform which gives you, its trusty user, the amazing opportunity to sell your browsing history for $5 to Google. If you haven’t sensed the sarcasm in my words then you need your head checked!

Google is trying to buy peoples browsing history for $5 under the name of the Screenwise program. Their exact words were: “Google is building a new panel to learn more about how everyday people use the Internet.”

“The new project is called Screenwise. As a panelist, you’ll add a browser extension that will share with Google the sites you visit and how you use them. What we learn from you, and others like you, will help us improve Google products and services and make a better online experience for everyone.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m really uneasy about Google being able to monitor my functions online. I have nothing to hide but I just don’t think I would be comfortable signing up for this “extension” and still feel assured when doing my banking online.

To be honest I don’t see why they are even bothering telling people that they plan to monitor web browsing, as they already have software which patrols your computer usage for any chance to promote a product or service you may have looked at earlier.

An example of this is……. Go to Google and type in something that you would buy in the shops, like a pair of adidas trainers or something. After looking at the trainers of your choice go to your Facebook account and log into your home page and I can guarantee that you will see ads for trainers or, more specifically, adidas trainers at the bottom or top of your page. This is a type of ad display which is known as cookie trolling. A cookie is a data record kept on your computer about what you have looked at or wrote on an internet browser. Google and Facebook,Microsoft and a list of other huge corporations use cookie data to display ads to you that are relevant at the time.

So Google is taking it to the next level by asking permission to see your browsing history “to enhance the users experience within the platforms available”. If they are asking permission and are offering to pay you for your browsing history they must be going so much further than cookie data collection.

To conclude, you should protect your privacy and never sell your history to the multi national corporations as they have no right to harass you with ads 24/7.

$5 is not worth your freedom and I can guarantee that there will be bad reports in the coming months of corruption and irresponsible handling of data collected from users browsing history.


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European Parliament Staff Send Kids To Specialist EU School For Politics

Do you think it is ok to force your political views upon children?

Most of you out there are probably wondering why I ask such a ridiculous question, with such an obvious answer.

I ask this question because I am failing to find a good enough reason for our European Politicians to send their own children to a specialist political academy that has the sole intention to: Teach the children a variety of languages from countries in the EU, Teach children EU Law and EU Rights, Teach children how the EU works and why it should be sustained and maintained, along with a variety of several other political educational studies.

The main question is why the EU Parliamentary staff feel the need to send the children to a specialist political educational establishment?

 My theory is…… The EU Parliament know that the Eurozone is in crisis. The Eurozone leaders may seem to be in utter confusion when it comes to fixing the deficit within the markets in Europe, but this is not the case. The EU leaders have a plan. They know exactly what to do to fix the financial meltdown of the European Markets. Although they have a plan, they also have obstacles in the way of their plan and will have to slowly but surely remove these obstacles over many years and possibly generations. This is where the specialist political educational system comes into play. With the plans for a “secure and stable” Eurozone to be implemented over the many years to come, the current Eurozone leaders have put into action a method of continuing their deeds from even beyond the grave, and have enrolled their children into the above mentioned specialist political educational school. By teaching the children of staff who are part of the union who are trying to sculpt a new Eurozone, they are securing their plans for their idea of a “secure and stable” Eurozone.

Some idiotic people out there may be thinking that if they start to politically train the children of staff that on the right track then it just secures the future of the Eurozone and its occupants, but they are wrong, so wrong. Hitler was a prime example of how forcing a political view on the future generations can be a dangerous ingredient for a communist ran state or country. Hitler bagan forcing his political views on others in his regiment while serving his national service during WW1. Over the space of 20 years Hitler had brainwashed the nation into believing he was “educating” the youth on how to help Germany prosper and grow. As we all know Hitler was simply a mad man that had an excellent way with words and an abnormally excellent perception of warfare.

So if we want our future politicians to learn the traits of our generations financially disabled Eurozone and help fulfil its ill gotten gains in the future then we should sit back and not say anything about our current Eurozone leaders brainwashing their children into believing there misleading goals.

We cannot forget the past examples of children being manipulated into believing that one man’s people are worth more than another’s.

Children are the key to our success. We continue to grow and prosper due to the open minded, free-thinking education system we cherish and we should never encourage a child to reside within our beliefs. We should encourage them to find their own calling in life and this will provide new solutions to old problems rather than the same old solutions to the same old problems!




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What Are The Harms Of Processed Food?

I was doing a little bit of research about the harmful affects of eating processed food and why its always better to pay that little bit extra for organic produce. So instead of writing a massive rant about how mega corporations are selling you processed food which harms you and local business’ I am simply going to show you a video that really explains the harmful affects of processed food.

We all know that processed food isn’t as healthy as organic produce but why do we choose to fill our bodies with this processed rubbish? We are not only destroying our bodies but we are taking apart our local community by not giving our hard earned wages to local business’ for local produce. The video below doesn’t exactly delve into the business aspect of processed food but it does explain in some gory detail the devastating results of cramming your body with this low level form of pollution.

Anyway, have a little look at the video below and you will see why I thought I should alert the masses.




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Scottish Independence.. What It Means For Me And You!

The last few weeks have been jammed pack with a tit for tat game between Alex Salmond and David Cameron regarding the upcoming election on whether or not Scotland should break away from the British Empire and become an independent country. People all over Scotland are debating whether we could survive in such a horrific financial climate and many other issues. This is my article dedicated to  answering the most common questions raised from the general public and it may help you decide whether or not you think Scotland should be independent.

So let’s just get stuck in and start with the most common question asked…..Would Scotland be able to keep our currency? the answer is yes! Scotland would keep our currency as we do not actually have the same currency as England. As many of you may already know you cannot spend your Scottish Sterling currency in England, therefore it would make no significant difference to the British Economy that a break away would over shadow anyway. The nest question is……What would happen to the Armed Forces? Scotland would have to recruit and train its own Armed Forces. This could be seen as a good opportunity for Scotland to represent itself with a dedicated Armed Forces who would be proud to represent their fine country. Others may see it as we are open to attack from other countries but I must remind every reader out there that we don’t actually live in the 1600’s and countries don’t explore the world conquering new lands haha. Scotland already has a large number of citizens serving in the British Army and other Armed Forces. They would not be expected to leave their current positions although they would be happily accepted into their native Armed Forces in Scotland.

The next big question is……How will we create an economy that will help Scotland grow and prosper? Scotland has many lucrative industries in which we could thrive and use our traditional skills to create a whole new economy which we could create thousands of jobs and billions of pounds in revenue that we could distribute to different sectors and run this country on import/export alone. Moving on…..What would we do for energy? Scotland holds one of the best resources to power our own country and that is nature! We have excellent open spaces in which wind energy can be harvested, not to mention our windy coastal territories which stretch over 800 miles of pure nature. We also have oil reserves within our national waters and gas reserves that could heat and light our country for at least another 75 years. Next question…….What are the benefits of Scotland becoming independent? The main advantage of Scotland’s independence is that Scotland will be able to develop its own trade agreements, budget allocation, laws, education sectors, etc. For once Scotland will be able to decide its own future without having to gain permission from London first.

At the end of the day, we were put on this earth to govern and rule ourselves, not to be ruled and governed by a foreign nation. Scotland should stand up and be heard instead of hiding behind the Queens Crown, we should take our fate into our own hands. We know that we have work to do and that it will be a rocky road but when we get there, we will reap the just rewards of our courage and finally see our Scotland rise to be a prosperous nation once again.

So I’ve addressed the main questions that are on everybodies minds and I hope you people of Scotland have the courage and desire to help bring your country back onto its feet where it belongs!




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Does Anyone Think Obama Feel Intimidated by Iran’s Nuclear Programme?

Today, the White House  announced that President Obama is sending National Security Advisers to Israel from 18 – 20 February 2012.

I can’t help but think that President Obama is over-reacting to the “Big Show” of Iran’s open display of Nuclear Progression on national TV. Iran is, of course, Israel’s biggest threat in the middle east and we all know that America and Israel walk hand in hand when it comes to war with middle eastern countries, especially those associated within the oil industry and who have a Nuclear Programme that they can blame for their intrusion of foreign soil on the allegations of Nuclear Weapons being constructed. The fact that the UN has tried to impose trading sanctions upon Iran which were vetoed by Russia and China due to reasons we will explore in my article. The fact that it took the UN 42 days to impose sanctions on Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya and after almost a year of civilian revolt and unrest in Syria they have failed to secure the country from persecution from its own government. We all know that the UN is just America’s voice on an international scale and that America uses the UN for its own gain and to impose sanctions and laws on foreign nations in which they have nothing to do with and who will not surrender to their ridiculous demands.

There has been a recent stir in the media about the possible consequences of Iran’s development in Nuclear Science and the fact that Israel is not happy with this progression in such a dangerous field practically spells out a possible military action from Israel against Iran, as they surely believe that Iran has developed this Nuclear Program for the sole purpose of creating and constructing Nuclear weapons which could and most likely would be used to attack Israel.

President Obama is not any different from his predecessor’s in the White House. Most Presidents of the United States have had a strong connection with Israel for a range of different reasons. President Obama’s relationship with the Israeli’s is clearly due to the fact that he was at one point in life a pro-dominant banker and as we all know some of the biggest banking families in history have connections to Israel and have strong Jewish backgrounds. President Obama must at some point in his banking career came across some very powerful banking executives that has some sort of connection to Israel and its quest for domination of the middle eastern world.

So the fact that President Obama is sending National security Advisers to Israel definitely adds to the rumour mill circulation of military action against Iran from Israel.

We must however have a look at Iran’s side of the story…. Iran have repeatedly said that they are not seeking Nuclear Progression for the aim of weaponry but they are infact looking to produce Nuclear energy like many other countries in the world…. so the question is…. If America is quick to judge Iran on its Nuclear Program and quick to condemn Gadaffi’s rule over Libya, then why haven’t they stuck the dagger in properly and just cause a riot with the Syrians then they have the mixture for a world war that they can fight under the disguise of being an ally of Israel.

Some people believe that Iran is gearing up for a war that has been inevitable due to Israel’s prolonged stranglehold on the Muslim world. I personally believe that this is a just another rouge by the American government to commandeer yet another middle eastern country and with the convenient withdrawal of US troops in Iraq, they have a spare 50,000 marines to throw into the soon to be warzone.

President Obama seems to be extremely cautious regarding the Iranian Nuclear Program and you must also feel the urge to ask the same question I have ever since hearing Obama’s opinion on this subject and that it: Is there something that your not telling us Mr. Obama?

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The Harsh Reality Of The Greek Bailout

Is it just me? Or is the world sitting back and letting Greece fry?


I don’t even know where to start when it comes down to describing the alternative motives when it comes to the Greek Bailout. I know I should probably be starting this Blog by saying cheery hellos and words of humour and banter, but quite the contrary, I am outraged!

Greece is in big trouble and I mean Big Trouble….. To understand exactly how much trouble Greece is in we have to examine the amount left payable to its creditors. Sounds easy right? Well, unfortunately for me, it is not. I had to try to come up with a figure that is more precise than the unreliable sources we have the pleasure of listening to such as the infamous BBC, Sky News, etc.

So, lets go back to when the trouble started within the economy in Greece. Over the last 20 years Greece has been living without its means and over the period of 2007-2010 they suffered an increase in tax evasion and as a result of a global financial meltdown the country suffered badly at the hands of the ECB (European Central Banks). When Greece first alerted the EU that they were in fear of a default on payments, they assembled in May 2010  and Greece was awarded the 110 Billion Euro Bailout loan it so desperately needed. Then again in July 2011, Greece received another 109 Billion Euro Bailout loan which was also supposedly essential for the countries survival and reattainment of the Public Sector staff that faced redundancy and pay cuts. Then again in October 2011 the Eurozone managed to get banks to agree to a 50% “haircut” of Greece’s holdings along with a substantially increased Bailout loan of 130 Billion Euro’s.

So, at this point we can at very least say that Greece has at least 349 Billion Euro’s in loans, ironically intended to clear debts, so we can imagine the amount still left for Greece to pay.

The harsh reality of the Greek Bailout is that this money is owed to individuals and, now due to Bailout loans, other Eurozone countries. Greece may be forced to give up its right to govern and control its own people/finances. The main point to raise here is that Germany is the main driving force in the Bailout Scheme as they are they are top of the gold stock bearers of the world. I’m sure in years to come Greece will regret every bailout they received from the Eurozone and will most likely fall apart from the weight of their “saviours” from the Eurozone.

The mass effect is reflective on the people of Greece who have voiced their opinion with both peaceful and violent protests against there parliament members and have been put under some serious scrutinies since the bailouts started. With National Minimum Wage being reducing by 250 Euro, a month from 750 to 600, and almost three quarter of the public sectors staff being put under wage restrictions or been made redundant, this is the real issue, the people. The Greek government is ignoring the real issue here and ignoring the democratic voice of the people. Greece is supposed to be a republican ran country but is acting out the traits of something on the scale of a dictatorship in mid-soviet Russia.

It is ignoring it’s people opinion and strong voice only to aid it own rotten gains. I say the Eurozone stops the charade of theses Bailout Schemes and lets Greece default in it’s payments and be removed from the Eurozone as a result of above said default.

The UK realised that the Bailout Scheme was neither a prosperous choice or option for the British taxpayer but what it definitely was in the eyes of David Cameron was unimportant as we stood strong and held on tight to our sterling currency and also have no real significant ties with the Greek government other than a few thousand drunken British teenage tourists, therefore the Greek’s defaulting on there debt would not be the end of the world for the British government.

But as said before we must think of the Greek people at this point in time and I would personally like to express my sympathies to those who have been made redundant or have had their wages cut by the “Big Dogs” in the Greek government.