Rupert Murdoch To Open New Newspaper Under The Name Of “The Sun On Sunday”.

So here it is folks, Rupert Murdoch has officially set his date for the launch of yet another pointless, no doubt law breaking, tabloid to try to re-gain the 3.3 million customers he lost due to the Phone Hacking Scandal.

So this week’s news has been filled a variety of different topics that to the untrained eye can seem like nothing to be worried about. With Iran’s Oil Embargo being imposed upon Britain and France, Britain and America warning Israel not to attack Iran’s Nuclear Program and riots on the streets on Athens, we probably aren’t too concerned about Mr. Murdoch opening yet another tabloid to amuse the average idiotic member of the public as they eat there sandwiches in the works canteen. I, however, do not think this should be allowed. We must not forget the horrible and disgusting actions of Mr. Murdoch’s employees, as they were found guilty of hacking hundreds, if not possibly thousands, of celebrities and criminal victims.

One of the sickest allegations that arisen during the Levenson Enquiry were that detailing the family of Milly Dowler, the missing teenager from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. The News of The World was accused and found guilty of hacking Milly Dowler’s mobile phone and listening to the voice-mail’s left by her worried family and friends. The News of The World even made the Dowler family believe there daughter was still alive as they knew her voice-mail’s were being listened to. This is just one small example of how low and disgusting this brand of newspaper really is, so you can tell me that its a fresh paper with a fresh start but I will be definitely boycotting The Sun On Sunday.

The other questions to ask is: Who will be employed at this newspaper? Will it be regulated more closely due to past involvement in scandal? Will they run the operations from the same premises as The News of The World? And finally….. Is it just another re-make of The News of The World with a new name and logo?

I believe that the Murdoch’s have gotten off extremely light when it comes to the punishment spent for the proven guilty verdict they received. Although they paid out millions of pounds to victims of their hacking scandal, nobody was ever personally held accountable. A lot of executives and editor’s resign, jumped ship and ran as far from the remaining press who were loving the bad publicity they could legally print about their main competitor’s. Money does not heal the wounds of the Phone Hacking Scandal victims and the closure of on establishment is clearly irrelevant when another is going to constructed in it’s place.

So the question then stands……. Is no-one going to stand up and say anything against this clearly evil corporation? Will it take for the same people in charge to cause another scandal before we realise that Murdoch and his minions should be stopped!

I am even more surprised at the British Government for allowing a man, that they so publicly slandered, to create yet another establishment built on mis-information and assumptions that are published to the unwitting nation who soak it up as facts. David Cameron should take a few minutes to address this matter in the House Of Lords and possibly look towards taking action before this evil organisation starts to distribute its product and bring back a loyal customer base.

At the end of the day we need to think of the victims of the scandals and mis-conduct of the press regarding the privacy of certain celebrities and criminal victims. We owe it to them to BOYCOTT THE SUN ON SUNDAY!


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