Iranian Oil Embargo – A Game Of CheckMate

Is Iran Gearing Up For A Fight?

The reckless and aggressive statements of Israel, backed by America and its Allies UN harassment against Iran has caused Iran to put in form an oil embargo to Britain and France. This is a nothing short of a strategic Iranian move to quell the effect of oil embargo’s to be introduced by the UN on July 1st 2012. The fact that Iran has the backing of Russia and China, stops the USA and it’s Allies from a straight forward intervention (by which we obviously mean invasion!)  and seizure of control of the country. Just like myself you will probably be wondering why Iran has placed an oil embargo upon itself?

Well, the answer is simple! If Iran imposes the ban it takes the power from the UN and restricts trading within the already crippled Eurozone which causes chaos in terms of logistic prices and food/fuel price increase, etc. Iran must be confident that this embargo will remove the stinger from the hands of the UN’s most interfering member…. The UK. The UK has played many a role in most Middle Eastern and Northern African revolts against their tyrant Governments. William Hague, The Foreign Minister for UK, is known for having a say on world events that have either very little or no relation to Britain, and took a lead role in the removal of Colonel Gadaffi from Libyan Government, but yet has failed to take action upon President Assad in Syria. This just shows that William Hague is not a speaker of his own words, he is a puppet for higher figures, who have a plan to revolutionize the Middle Eastern world. With Iran cutting oil supplies to Britain and France, the rest of Europe may consider what they say very carefully. Maybe even the UN will consider this an act of defiance and put Iran under the same sanctions and impose the same penalties that they ruled over Libya with? Or do they have more sense?

So why has the UN not put Iran under sanctions to seize trading, both in and out of the country? There are two main reasons…. One being Russia and the other being China! Russia owns the pipelines that pump thousands of tonnes of oil to all over the world everyday and receives 67% of it’s oil from Iran at a cut down price, since they own the pipelines that source and deliver the oil. So Russia is not going to stand back and watch 67% of its countries oil, and potential profits from re-sale of its oil, go straight into American and Israeli/Allied hands. Then we have China…. Now we all know China is a real player when it comes to world politics and even more of a real player when it comes to military action. China receives 99% of its countries oil via the Russian owned pipelines that source the Iranian oil and they pay good money for it too. As you can imagine, China would also not be impressed if they had to buy 99% of its oil from a country which owes it so much in debt…. The USA and it’s Allies.

Iran is not as stupid and cornered as it looks in the news! They are well aware of the very real threat to their very existence from the Israeli’s. They have, over the years, built a rather impressive Air Force from Ex-Russian fighter jets, a pretty impressive navy made up of Ex-Russian Naval Boats that have been re-modelled by the Chinese, and now they have started producing nuclear energy which they say is to be used to generate power and boost their economy, but we all know the first step to making nuclear weapons is creating nuclear energy to create those nuclear weapons.

So the Iranians may seem backed into a corner by the UN and may seem to be the underdog in the inevitable next world war we are approaching, but they may just have a few tricks and allies up their sleeves and just to prove what type of tricks…. China is Iran’s ally as discussed early. Now imagine that Iran is attacked by every nation in the world. China would react with military action and could easily place 2 million foot soldiers in every country in the world and still have more than 2 million reserves and other specialists standing by to intervene should the situation should worsen.

So to sum up in conclusion…… Iran is simply beating the UN to the punch by placing an embargo on itself. America and the UN must be careful not to be tempted to invade Iran as they have Allies that America and the UN could not stop nor beat. Russia and China will be allied with Iran until their nuclear program has created nuclear weapons and then the world will be riddled with wars and conflict from Asia to the Middle East to Europe To Africa.


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