What Are The Harms Of Processed Food?

I was doing a little bit of research about the harmful affects of eating processed food and why its always better to pay that little bit extra for organic produce. So instead of writing a massive rant about how mega corporations are selling you processed food which harms you and local business’ I am simply going to show you a video that really explains the harmful affects of processed food.

We all know that processed food isn’t as healthy as organic produce but why do we choose to fill our bodies with this processed rubbish? We are not only destroying our bodies but we are taking apart our local community by not giving our hard earned wages to local business’ for local produce. The video below doesn’t exactly delve into the business aspect of processed food but it does explain in some gory detail the devastating results of cramming your body with this low level form of pollution.

Anyway, have a little look at the video below and you will see why I thought I should alert the masses.




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