Scottish Independence.. What It Means For Me And You!

The last few weeks have been jammed pack with a tit for tat game between Alex Salmond and David Cameron regarding the upcoming election on whether or not Scotland should break away from the British Empire and become an independent country. People all over Scotland are debating whether we could survive in such a horrific financial climate and many other issues. This is my article dedicated to  answering the most common questions raised from the general public and it may help you decide whether or not you think Scotland should be independent.

So let’s just get stuck in and start with the most common question asked…..Would Scotland be able to keep our currency? the answer is yes! Scotland would keep our currency as we do not actually have the same currency as England. As many of you may already know you cannot spend your Scottish Sterling currency in England, therefore it would make no significant difference to the British Economy that a break away would over shadow anyway. The nest question is……What would happen to the Armed Forces? Scotland would have to recruit and train its own Armed Forces. This could be seen as a good opportunity for Scotland to represent itself with a dedicated Armed Forces who would be proud to represent their fine country. Others may see it as we are open to attack from other countries but I must remind every reader out there that we don’t actually live in the 1600’s and countries don’t explore the world conquering new lands haha. Scotland already has a large number of citizens serving in the British Army and other Armed Forces. They would not be expected to leave their current positions although they would be happily accepted into their native Armed Forces in Scotland.

The next big question is……How will we create an economy that will help Scotland grow and prosper? Scotland has many lucrative industries in which we could thrive and use our traditional skills to create a whole new economy which we could create thousands of jobs and billions of pounds in revenue that we could distribute to different sectors and run this country on import/export alone. Moving on…..What would we do for energy? Scotland holds one of the best resources to power our own country and that is nature! We have excellent open spaces in which wind energy can be harvested, not to mention our windy coastal territories which stretch over 800 miles of pure nature. We also have oil reserves within our national waters and gas reserves that could heat and light our country for at least another 75 years. Next question…….What are the benefits of Scotland becoming independent? The main advantage of Scotland’s independence is that Scotland will be able to develop its own trade agreements, budget allocation, laws, education sectors, etc. For once Scotland will be able to decide its own future without having to gain permission from London first.

At the end of the day, we were put on this earth to govern and rule ourselves, not to be ruled and governed by a foreign nation. Scotland should stand up and be heard instead of hiding behind the Queens Crown, we should take our fate into our own hands. We know that we have work to do and that it will be a rocky road but when we get there, we will reap the just rewards of our courage and finally see our Scotland rise to be a prosperous nation once again.

So I’ve addressed the main questions that are on everybodies minds and I hope you people of Scotland have the courage and desire to help bring your country back onto its feet where it belongs!




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