European Parliament Staff Send Kids To Specialist EU School For Politics

Do you think it is ok to force your political views upon children?

Most of you out there are probably wondering why I ask such a ridiculous question, with such an obvious answer.

I ask this question because I am failing to find a good enough reason for our European Politicians to send their own children to a specialist political academy that has the sole intention to: Teach the children a variety of languages from countries in the EU, Teach children EU Law and EU Rights, Teach children how the EU works and why it should be sustained and maintained, along with a variety of several other political educational studies.

The main question is why the EU Parliamentary staff feel the need to send the children to a specialist political educational establishment?

 My theory is…… The EU Parliament know that the Eurozone is in crisis. The Eurozone leaders may seem to be in utter confusion when it comes to fixing the deficit within the markets in Europe, but this is not the case. The EU leaders have a plan. They know exactly what to do to fix the financial meltdown of the European Markets. Although they have a plan, they also have obstacles in the way of their plan and will have to slowly but surely remove these obstacles over many years and possibly generations. This is where the specialist political educational system comes into play. With the plans for a “secure and stable” Eurozone to be implemented over the many years to come, the current Eurozone leaders have put into action a method of continuing their deeds from even beyond the grave, and have enrolled their children into the above mentioned specialist political educational school. By teaching the children of staff who are part of the union who are trying to sculpt a new Eurozone, they are securing their plans for their idea of a “secure and stable” Eurozone.

Some idiotic people out there may be thinking that if they start to politically train the children of staff that on the right track then it just secures the future of the Eurozone and its occupants, but they are wrong, so wrong. Hitler was a prime example of how forcing a political view on the future generations can be a dangerous ingredient for a communist ran state or country. Hitler bagan forcing his political views on others in his regiment while serving his national service during WW1. Over the space of 20 years Hitler had brainwashed the nation into believing he was “educating” the youth on how to help Germany prosper and grow. As we all know Hitler was simply a mad man that had an excellent way with words and an abnormally excellent perception of warfare.

So if we want our future politicians to learn the traits of our generations financially disabled Eurozone and help fulfil its ill gotten gains in the future then we should sit back and not say anything about our current Eurozone leaders brainwashing their children into believing there misleading goals.

We cannot forget the past examples of children being manipulated into believing that one man’s people are worth more than another’s.

Children are the key to our success. We continue to grow and prosper due to the open minded, free-thinking education system we cherish and we should never encourage a child to reside within our beliefs. We should encourage them to find their own calling in life and this will provide new solutions to old problems rather than the same old solutions to the same old problems!




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