Does Anyone Think Obama Feel Intimidated by Iran’s Nuclear Programme?

Today, the White House  announced that President Obama is sending National Security Advisers to Israel from 18 – 20 February 2012.

I can’t help but think that President Obama is over-reacting to the “Big Show” of Iran’s open display of Nuclear Progression on national TV. Iran is, of course, Israel’s biggest threat in the middle east and we all know that America and Israel walk hand in hand when it comes to war with middle eastern countries, especially those associated within the oil industry and who have a Nuclear Programme that they can blame for their intrusion of foreign soil on the allegations of Nuclear Weapons being constructed. The fact that the UN has tried to impose trading sanctions upon Iran which were vetoed by Russia and China due to reasons we will explore in my article. The fact that it took the UN 42 days to impose sanctions on Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya and after almost a year of civilian revolt and unrest in Syria they have failed to secure the country from persecution from its own government. We all know that the UN is just America’s voice on an international scale and that America uses the UN for its own gain and to impose sanctions and laws on foreign nations in which they have nothing to do with and who will not surrender to their ridiculous demands.

There has been a recent stir in the media about the possible consequences of Iran’s development in Nuclear Science and the fact that Israel is not happy with this progression in such a dangerous field practically spells out a possible military action from Israel against Iran, as they surely believe that Iran has developed this Nuclear Program for the sole purpose of creating and constructing Nuclear weapons which could and most likely would be used to attack Israel.

President Obama is not any different from his predecessor’s in the White House. Most Presidents of the United States have had a strong connection with Israel for a range of different reasons. President Obama’s relationship with the Israeli’s is clearly due to the fact that he was at one point in life a pro-dominant banker and as we all know some of the biggest banking families in history have connections to Israel and have strong Jewish backgrounds. President Obama must at some point in his banking career came across some very powerful banking executives that has some sort of connection to Israel and its quest for domination of the middle eastern world.

So the fact that President Obama is sending National security Advisers to Israel definitely adds to the rumour mill circulation of military action against Iran from Israel.

We must however have a look at Iran’s side of the story…. Iran have repeatedly said that they are not seeking Nuclear Progression for the aim of weaponry but they are infact looking to produce Nuclear energy like many other countries in the world…. so the question is…. If America is quick to judge Iran on its Nuclear Program and quick to condemn Gadaffi’s rule over Libya, then why haven’t they stuck the dagger in properly and just cause a riot with the Syrians then they have the mixture for a world war that they can fight under the disguise of being an ally of Israel.

Some people believe that Iran is gearing up for a war that has been inevitable due to Israel’s prolonged stranglehold on the Muslim world. I personally believe that this is a just another rouge by the American government to commandeer yet another middle eastern country and with the convenient withdrawal of US troops in Iraq, they have a spare 50,000 marines to throw into the soon to be warzone.

President Obama seems to be extremely cautious regarding the Iranian Nuclear Program and you must also feel the urge to ask the same question I have ever since hearing Obama’s opinion on this subject and that it: Is there something that your not telling us Mr. Obama?

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