Iran Sends Two Warships To Dock In Syrian Port Of Tartous.

why would Iran send two warships to dock in a port called Tartous in Syria?

Well, what we do know is this…….. Syria has been persecuting and bombarding its own people, for speaking against the ruthless President Al-Assad, for just about a year now and America, Britain and most of the world, or at least the countries that have any say in world politics, have condemned Syria with regards to its actions regarding the control and desire of its people. The UN has tried to come to some sort of resolution and has asked President Al-Assad to step aside but he refuses to do so….. Just like Colonel Gadaffi…. And we all know how that ended.

Russia and China continue to veto any military or trading sanctions being imposed upon Syria due to the connections between ” The Haters of The West” which is talked about in one of my other articles:

Iranian Oil Embargo –

So, back to the question above…. Why Would Iran Send Two Warships To Dock In A Port Called Tartous?

The answer is simple!

America has had, and always will have, the biggest opinion on World Politics and believes it should be able to say a command to a lesser state or country and that state or country should obey with no exceptions. Well, this is not the case in the Arab world. The Arabs are known to be very defiant when it comes to world politics as they believe they answer to no-one except their God, which is understandable, because if we are imperfect humans, how can we ourselves lead perfect lives or guide others to lead perfect lives. Although America has spoke out on numerous occasions regarding Syria’s treatment of it’s own people, who want nothing more than a modern and progressive development of Government, Syria are not taking the hint…. They are totally defiant regarding UN sanctions and know that they have a good chance in success if it came to all and out warfare, as they could count on their allies (Russia,China and Iran) to provide support should they request it. With Russia already sending warships to Syrian and Iranian waters and Iran sending warships to Syrian ports, this is clearly a statement of warning to the American and Israeli Forces who have been speaking of a possible military action against the two last remaining powers in the Middle East.

So, now we know why Iran has sent warships to the Syrian Port of Tartous but they also have another suspicion….. The Iranian and Syrian’s believe that America and it’s allies are trying to arm the Rebel Militia with the same amount of weapons and ammunition that defeated the late Colonel Gadaffi in Libya no more than months ago. Should America succeed in arming and supplying the Rebel Militia they may be able to bring Iran and Syria down from the inside out. The same way Saddam Hussein was ousted from power a few years back.

We know America has a history of espionage and so does Israel with rumours and stirs in the media world of Israeli spy’s infiltrating US Government agencies to gather information on future relations with countries not in allied terms with Israel. If America was trying to bring Iran and Syria down from the inside out then that would only be the first part of the puzzle. China and Russia would not stand back and watch America and Israel bully it’s way into another country for nothing more than a dispute over religion and oil resources.

In conclusion, Iran has sent two warships to Syrian waters to send a clear and precise message to American Forces….. That Iran and Syria will stand together and will not be intimidated by the UN and their sanctions. The only way for anyone to stop this is to eliminate the enemy and this would cause a world war….. Again!

So, Iran is standing strong beside its Muslim brother Syria and is sending a clear message to Israel and America…… Keep Clear Or Be Destroyed!



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Rupert Murdoch To Open New Newspaper Under The Name Of “The Sun On Sunday”.

So here it is folks, Rupert Murdoch has officially set his date for the launch of yet another pointless, no doubt law breaking, tabloid to try to re-gain the 3.3 million customers he lost due to the Phone Hacking Scandal.

So this week’s news has been filled a variety of different topics that to the untrained eye can seem like nothing to be worried about. With Iran’s Oil Embargo being imposed upon Britain and France, Britain and America warning Israel not to attack Iran’s Nuclear Program and riots on the streets on Athens, we probably aren’t too concerned about Mr. Murdoch opening yet another tabloid to amuse the average idiotic member of the public as they eat there sandwiches in the works canteen. I, however, do not think this should be allowed. We must not forget the horrible and disgusting actions of Mr. Murdoch’s employees, as they were found guilty of hacking hundreds, if not possibly thousands, of celebrities and criminal victims.

One of the sickest allegations that arisen during the Levenson Enquiry were that detailing the family of Milly Dowler, the missing teenager from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. The News of The World was accused and found guilty of hacking Milly Dowler’s mobile phone and listening to the voice-mail’s left by her worried family and friends. The News of The World even made the Dowler family believe there daughter was still alive as they knew her voice-mail’s were being listened to. This is just one small example of how low and disgusting this brand of newspaper really is, so you can tell me that its a fresh paper with a fresh start but I will be definitely boycotting The Sun On Sunday.

The other questions to ask is: Who will be employed at this newspaper? Will it be regulated more closely due to past involvement in scandal? Will they run the operations from the same premises as The News of The World? And finally….. Is it just another re-make of The News of The World with a new name and logo?

I believe that the Murdoch’s have gotten off extremely light when it comes to the punishment spent for the proven guilty verdict they received. Although they paid out millions of pounds to victims of their hacking scandal, nobody was ever personally held accountable. A lot of executives and editor’s resign, jumped ship and ran as far from the remaining press who were loving the bad publicity they could legally print about their main competitor’s. Money does not heal the wounds of the Phone Hacking Scandal victims and the closure of on establishment is clearly irrelevant when another is going to constructed in it’s place.

So the question then stands……. Is no-one going to stand up and say anything against this clearly evil corporation? Will it take for the same people in charge to cause another scandal before we realise that Murdoch and his minions should be stopped!

I am even more surprised at the British Government for allowing a man, that they so publicly slandered, to create yet another establishment built on mis-information and assumptions that are published to the unwitting nation who soak it up as facts. David Cameron should take a few minutes to address this matter in the House Of Lords and possibly look towards taking action before this evil organisation starts to distribute its product and bring back a loyal customer base.

At the end of the day we need to think of the victims of the scandals and mis-conduct of the press regarding the privacy of certain celebrities and criminal victims. We owe it to them to BOYCOTT THE SUN ON SUNDAY!


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Iranian Oil Embargo – A Game Of CheckMate

Is Iran Gearing Up For A Fight?

The reckless and aggressive statements of Israel, backed by America and its Allies UN harassment against Iran has caused Iran to put in form an oil embargo to Britain and France. This is a nothing short of a strategic Iranian move to quell the effect of oil embargo’s to be introduced by the UN on July 1st 2012. The fact that Iran has the backing of Russia and China, stops the USA and it’s Allies from a straight forward intervention (by which we obviously mean invasion!)  and seizure of control of the country. Just like myself you will probably be wondering why Iran has placed an oil embargo upon itself?

Well, the answer is simple! If Iran imposes the ban it takes the power from the UN and restricts trading within the already crippled Eurozone which causes chaos in terms of logistic prices and food/fuel price increase, etc. Iran must be confident that this embargo will remove the stinger from the hands of the UN’s most interfering member…. The UK. The UK has played many a role in most Middle Eastern and Northern African revolts against their tyrant Governments. William Hague, The Foreign Minister for UK, is known for having a say on world events that have either very little or no relation to Britain, and took a lead role in the removal of Colonel Gadaffi from Libyan Government, but yet has failed to take action upon President Assad in Syria. This just shows that William Hague is not a speaker of his own words, he is a puppet for higher figures, who have a plan to revolutionize the Middle Eastern world. With Iran cutting oil supplies to Britain and France, the rest of Europe may consider what they say very carefully. Maybe even the UN will consider this an act of defiance and put Iran under the same sanctions and impose the same penalties that they ruled over Libya with? Or do they have more sense?

So why has the UN not put Iran under sanctions to seize trading, both in and out of the country? There are two main reasons…. One being Russia and the other being China! Russia owns the pipelines that pump thousands of tonnes of oil to all over the world everyday and receives 67% of it’s oil from Iran at a cut down price, since they own the pipelines that source and deliver the oil. So Russia is not going to stand back and watch 67% of its countries oil, and potential profits from re-sale of its oil, go straight into American and Israeli/Allied hands. Then we have China…. Now we all know China is a real player when it comes to world politics and even more of a real player when it comes to military action. China receives 99% of its countries oil via the Russian owned pipelines that source the Iranian oil and they pay good money for it too. As you can imagine, China would also not be impressed if they had to buy 99% of its oil from a country which owes it so much in debt…. The USA and it’s Allies.

Iran is not as stupid and cornered as it looks in the news! They are well aware of the very real threat to their very existence from the Israeli’s. They have, over the years, built a rather impressive Air Force from Ex-Russian fighter jets, a pretty impressive navy made up of Ex-Russian Naval Boats that have been re-modelled by the Chinese, and now they have started producing nuclear energy which they say is to be used to generate power and boost their economy, but we all know the first step to making nuclear weapons is creating nuclear energy to create those nuclear weapons.

So the Iranians may seem backed into a corner by the UN and may seem to be the underdog in the inevitable next world war we are approaching, but they may just have a few tricks and allies up their sleeves and just to prove what type of tricks…. China is Iran’s ally as discussed early. Now imagine that Iran is attacked by every nation in the world. China would react with military action and could easily place 2 million foot soldiers in every country in the world and still have more than 2 million reserves and other specialists standing by to intervene should the situation should worsen.

So to sum up in conclusion…… Iran is simply beating the UN to the punch by placing an embargo on itself. America and the UN must be careful not to be tempted to invade Iran as they have Allies that America and the UN could not stop nor beat. Russia and China will be allied with Iran until their nuclear program has created nuclear weapons and then the world will be riddled with wars and conflict from Asia to the Middle East to Europe To Africa.


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Google Will Pay You $5 To Give Up Your Privacy

How much do you think your privacy is worth? Would say more than a fiver? I would!

Google is set to launch a new platform which gives you, its trusty user, the amazing opportunity to sell your browsing history for $5 to Google. If you haven’t sensed the sarcasm in my words then you need your head checked!

Google is trying to buy peoples browsing history for $5 under the name of the Screenwise program. Their exact words were: “Google is building a new panel to learn more about how everyday people use the Internet.”

“The new project is called Screenwise. As a panelist, you’ll add a browser extension that will share with Google the sites you visit and how you use them. What we learn from you, and others like you, will help us improve Google products and services and make a better online experience for everyone.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m really uneasy about Google being able to monitor my functions online. I have nothing to hide but I just don’t think I would be comfortable signing up for this “extension” and still feel assured when doing my banking online.

To be honest I don’t see why they are even bothering telling people that they plan to monitor web browsing, as they already have software which patrols your computer usage for any chance to promote a product or service you may have looked at earlier.

An example of this is……. Go to Google and type in something that you would buy in the shops, like a pair of adidas trainers or something. After looking at the trainers of your choice go to your Facebook account and log into your home page and I can guarantee that you will see ads for trainers or, more specifically, adidas trainers at the bottom or top of your page. This is a type of ad display which is known as cookie trolling. A cookie is a data record kept on your computer about what you have looked at or wrote on an internet browser. Google and Facebook,Microsoft and a list of other huge corporations use cookie data to display ads to you that are relevant at the time.

So Google is taking it to the next level by asking permission to see your browsing history “to enhance the users experience within the platforms available”. If they are asking permission and are offering to pay you for your browsing history they must be going so much further than cookie data collection.

To conclude, you should protect your privacy and never sell your history to the multi national corporations as they have no right to harass you with ads 24/7.

$5 is not worth your freedom and I can guarantee that there will be bad reports in the coming months of corruption and irresponsible handling of data collected from users browsing history.


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